A Year of Ideas is a collection with some of the best pieces I read online this year, spanning ecology, self-awareness, empathy, and education. I really, really love these pieces. [December 31, 2012]

The Harbour City is some vignettes of the third day of my trip, which was spent in Buenos Aires. [February 24, 2012]

Dusk Journey is a recap of the first day and night of my expedition. [February 4, 2012]

One small thought and one long ramble is me trying to navigate all the questions about what I want to study after I graduate and musing on how ecological awareness should be a lens or an element for any profession. The ramble bit is about architecture and nature. [December 25, 2011]

On Exploration is a reflection on our propensity to be scientists and explorers in every environment and how much there is still to know. [December 14, 2011]

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